about me

Claire is an abstract artist, drawn to colour and textures.
Inspired by the abstract, and colour field artists of the 1950s and 1960s, she is drawn to coloiur’s emotive nature.

 Drawing inspiration from nature, a love of retro, or an unexpected muse, Claire works with gestural marks, a variety of brushes, tools, and mediums. Her paintings blend applied and implied textures, building layer upon layer, creating a playful narrative.

“You can never paint the same brush stroke twice, and I love the serendipity, or happy accidents, that happen when you’re lost in painting.”

Claire is based in Hertford. She studied art at university, and has a BA Hons in Illustration.


2023 April
Hertford Art Trail – Partnered with Grisaille Studio London
Courtyard Arts, Hertford

2022 November – Ongoing
Group Exhibition
Coffee Lab/Bionic Bull, Hertford and Ware

2022 May
Like A Mother! Group Exhibition
BHA Gallery, Canada

2022 March
International Women’s Day Group Show
Brothership Studio @ Beckwiths, Hertford

2020 October
Hertford Art Trail – Partnered with Love Flowers
Courtyard Arts, Hertford

2020 October
Portrait Exhibition
Gatehouse Arts, Harlow

2020 September
Flowers, Fauna and Floral Delights
Gatehouse Arts, Harlow

2020 March
International Women’s Day Exhibition
Gatehouse Arts, Harlow

2019 May/June
Open Summer Exhibition
Courtyard Arts, Hertford


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